Hi, I’m Em, a mum, a singer/songwriter, a wife, a little bit clumsy and a long-term vegetarian. This spot used to be filled with a whole lot of fanciful literature about the things I’ve accomplished with my music, but honestly, I hope my music speaks for itself and I really hate writing about myself in the third person and pretending someone else said those lovely and insightful things about me and my music.

The reality really is, I’m just sitting here on the couch, happy my two boys are sleeping, rocking my jimmy jams and enjoying a Green Tea while I type this. I’m proud to be an independent musician and do everything for myself from writing my music, designing my website, down to writing this bio, so I figure, there ain’t no point pretending otherwise…

My music now is a collection of singles, which I release to Itunes when I’m happy with them. In between breastfeeding, raising a toddler, running a home, working a part-time job and watching re-runs of Sons of Anarchy – I’ll totes be uploading more of the music that I’ve written on disheveled napkins very soon.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my music to date and all is well in your world!

Cheers and beers, Em